Our core business is to help organizations to secure their business operations in the most optimum manner thru our total solutions. We starts from training our clients operation team on how to operate in a most secured manner, provides them with the right processes and documentations to assist in the operations. We will assemble the right talent to provide unique expertise to help them in either adapt to the latest changes or to transform their business operations into leading positions.

  • Developing the talent to meet market needs
  •  Provide customer with professional services
  •  Implement technology for customers
  •  Continuously help customers to protect





Our methodologies can by dynamics depending on the situations but our core concept will revolved around ‘People + Process + Technology’.

  • Currently NetAssist will focus on delivering total Cyber Security Solutions
  •  Within the next 3 years from now, we will establish reputation in being the most trusted partner in helping our clients to embrace Cloud by providing them the sense of security on cloud.